Thoughts on the Pros & Cons of Reddit

With over 243 million unique visitors (in a given month), from over 200 countries and millions of user accounts, there could be some truth to their claim, “Reddit The Front Page of the Internet.” Reddit is full of images, tons of topics, discussions, opinions and just about everything you can think of. Its diversity and variety attracts individuals from a wide demographic range (a lot of - males 18-24) and geographic locations, making it one of the most powerful social forums on the internet. Reddit provides an ideal location to promote comments, opinions and potentially brands, due to the large user audience, many of which are in search of entertainment, news and everything the front page o

Social Networks Feel Overwhelming?

Social networking is a great tool for sharing thoughts, keeping in touch with family members, catching up with old acquaintances and following interesting people or celebrities. However, you may often feel overwhelmed by the constant noise and SPAM that is distributed through social networking, making the overall experience non-satisfying and disconnected. Social networks often become a daily or even hourly chore with which to keep track of and you often have several social network profiles and passwords (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on) and the feeling that you need to immediately respond to mentions, comments or even keep track of what is trending,

What is Social Network Noise and SPAM?

Social Network noise and SPAM are the posting and sharing of irrelevant information via social networks, that require users to wade through to find interesting content. Noise and SPAM end up distracting users from pursuing their goals of finding like-minded people, intelligent content and developing deep social connections. The internet and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, to mention a few, have become submerged in a sea of both useless as well as good content, often making a user’s experience more of a hunt for desired content. Thus leaving users feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Blogs, tweets, posts and content of all sorts are streaming constantly to user’s desktops,

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