Why It's Hard to Find Truly Like-Minded People on Social Networks

Part 2 of 2 We all have more in common than we think. Sometimes we just need to step out of our comfort zone to experience it. In part 1 of this blog post, we looked at what truly made someone like-minded and why it’s a complex issue. It is important to understand that we really do have a lot to learn from like-minded people if given the chance. Like-minded people can have different perspectives from each other so that you are not just surrounded by one big echo chamber, reinforcing ideas and beliefs that you already hold true. That can be great, but it can also be stifling and, well, boring! When you surround yourself with only like-minded people who like exactly what you like with no devia

Why It's Hard to Find Truly Like-Minded People on Social Networks

Social media is increasingly complex. Information is shared, people are engaged and relationships are made. We as social network users are looking for a more in-depth relationship where we can learn, celebrate, sometimes commiserate and connect with people in our groups. But your social persona can often be different from who you are as a person. A truer measure of “the real you” is the content you consume – be it blog posts, news articles, Tweets, Instagram posts, videos, etc. But finding like-minded people based on content consumption can be difficult. How do you know what content your neighbor likes if he/she doesn't share it or actively engage with it on their social channels? You really

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