Why the News Media Should Strive for the Pulitzer, not the Oscar!

Is there an actor shortage? It seems like there are an awful lot of real reporters who are making appearances in movies and TV shows. While it’s not new to see “real” reporters in the movies, in the age of fake news and “post truth” (the unfortunate choice for the “word of the year” from the folks over at Oxford Dictionaries), all of the sudden it feels icky to see our trusted sources of information shilling for the latest Batman movie (a la Charlie Rose). Sure, it’s fun to see Meredith Viera “interview” Russel Brand’s character Aldous Snow from Get Him to the Greek on the Today Show, but did it have to be the ACTUAL Meredith Viera? On the ACTUAL set of the Today Show? MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

Why #Headline Porn is Dangerous

This election season has brought to light a particularly virulent strain of fake news. It’s true that people promoting fake information is as old as time, but the internet has made it easy for anyone to create social media profiles and websites in order to post whatever they want under the guise of “journalism.” In a disturbing study by BuzzFeed, they found that fake election news outperformed legitimate news on Facebook. Apparently, this is the new normal for news. The debate about this has unearthed important questions on how to deal with fake news. Is it protected speech? Or is it akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater? Everyone from The New York Times, CNN, BBC, Vox, The Wall Street

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