Are you really getting the most of your media consumption?

As media becomes more ubiquitous, naturally, we consume (and crave!) more of it. The easier it is to consume, the more of it we want. Perhaps most helpful to this trend is that “the media” now goes where we go via our mobile devices. So it’s no shock that, according to eMarketer data, the average time spent per day with “Major Media - Digital” climbed to 5 hours and 43 minute in 2017 and is expected to reach 6 hours and 1 minute in 2018. Check out the chart below. What is also interesting is that radio – perhaps the unsexiest of platforms - continues to hold strong, even growing in mobile consumption. Even more surprising is that it holds steady in its traditional form (more on that in an up

What’s Missing from Social Networks?

Many of us use social networks in our daily lives. But isn’t it starting to feel cluttered with junk? It seems like Facebook is the new “chain letter” and Twitter has become a hotbed of snark. While that content can be fun (no one loves snark more than me), how much value is it adding to our lives? It’s very simple to make a statement why your opposed to something - “that sucks” “you’re an idiot!” “you troll!”, etc. But how does that interaction really move the needle in terms of making you better, smarter or more compassionate? It may make you feel better for a few minutes, but how are you contributing to the conversation. Or are you? Look at one of your social media feeds right now. Doesn

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