What if Every Day Could be Amazon Prime Day?

If you’re like me, you were cuddled up on the couch, new Kindle Fire 8 in hand, asked your new Echo to order you more Advil. This is what an Amazon Prime Day hangover looks like. I hope you stayed hydrated! For a “holiday” that didn’t exist four years ago, Prime Day took the planet (yes, the planet) by storm last week. Sales have been bonkers – setting records and surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to CNBC, last year, “Prime Day also was Amazon's biggest sales day ever at the time, setting the bar high this go-round. In 2016, Prime Day sales rose more than 60 percent from the prior year, and in the U.S. orders were up more than 50 percent, Amazon said.” If you think about it

Why House of Cards is Bad for Journalism?

Like many people, I was psyched when the latest season of House of Cards was released. What fresh hell would be unleashed by the power-hungry, morally bankrupt, yet oddly compelling Frank and Claire Underwood? I popped some popcorn, made a tequila sunrise, and as I settled in to watch, I started to see real news people show up in this fictional show. I addressed this in a blog post last December (“Why The News Media Should Strive for the Pulitzer, not the Oscar!”), but it’s worth revisiting – especially since the inauguration of President Trump. The term “fake news” has been seared into the lexicon. Hostilities towards the press from the Trump administration are commonplace, with him questio

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