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SEO: What is it...Why is it important in Marketing?

With the burgeoning rise of social media networking and countless mediums for socializing and exchanging information online, almost all businesses that want to stay connected and continue inspiring their customers, cling to the most competitive marketing tool of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which has literally brought a paradigm shift to the world of marketing and promotion!

Indeed, SEO is the most important, modern day marketing tool, which is essential for all progressive and ambitious businesses to maintain an effective and prominent online presence.

What exactly is SEO all about?

Search Engine Optimization is basically, a framework, pattern, process or set of rules that are to be kept in consideration by the website owners or bloggers while optimizing their websites and blogs for search engines. The aim is to improve their search engine rankings by adopting search engine friendly keywords and phrases. The keywords are determined by the search options or input of their targeted customers.

Moreover, search engines increase the quality, performance and effectiveness of your website or blog by providing your customers and visitors exactly what they are looking for. SEO makes your websites more user-friendly, easier to navigate and fun to skim through!

Importance of SEO for your website and online marketing

In modern day marketing, SEO is the most competitive online marketing tool available to businesses, and if you want to maintain a strong and effective presence online, you cannot do it without clever

SEO planning!

If you are running an online store, a food gig, a blog, or a website, SEO is the most powerful online marketing tool that can help you grow, expand and reach out to more customers, effortlessly and effectively.

The Need for SEO

Since most search engines only display the highest ranking websites, and your customers and users are not likely to look for options after skimming through five pages of Google, if you want to be ranked among the top five suggestions, you must ensure that the SEO strategy for your online store, website or blog is on target.

A high ranking position in top searches due to clever SEO keywords will ensure that the users and customers trust you and consider you to be more reliable, professional and trust-worthy.

Effective and immersive SEO practices work wonders to enhance the productivity, effectiveness, usability, impressiveness of the user experience. Thus, your visitors will keep coming back!

Clever SEO practices can provide your website amazingly beneficial social media promotion by linking your website with Yahoo, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms where potential customers and users may be looking for your services.

SEO is important to counter the advertising and promotion of your competitors, to target and entice the customers before your competitors get a chance, and ultimately, to raise more demand and enhance your overall sales!

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