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What is Social Network Noise and SPAM?

Social Network noise and SPAM are the posting and sharing of irrelevant information via social networks, that require users to wade through to find interesting content. Noise and SPAM end up distracting users from pursuing their goals of finding like-minded people, intelligent content and developing deep social connections.

The internet and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, to mention a few, have become submerged in a sea of both useless as well as good content, often making a user’s experience more of a hunt for desired content. Thus leaving users feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Blogs, tweets, posts and content of all sorts are streaming constantly to user’s desktops, laptops and phones, each filling their social connections and inboxes with junk more distracting, than beneficial.

There are hundreds of millions of people across the world using social networks every day. Users often have thousands of “social network friends.” With all of these so-called “friends,” high-value content often gets drowned out and it’s hard for brands to get their message heard above all the static.

Individuals and small businesses once believed the internet and social networks could level the playing field for them, when promoting a product or service. However, now everyone uses social networks for this purpose, making their message just part of the noise. Everyday people get messages about free webinars, free teleseminars, free Blog/Talk/Radio shows, free reports, free white papers and free downloadable eBooks, making it almost impossible for an emerging product or service to rise above the noise and clutter.

Instead of making social networking a numbers game, it’s better for people to surround themselves with a smaller group of people, who are actually like-minded and can provide them with intelligent, high-value content and interactions.

To embark on a successful social network campaign, many things have to be in place, as it's a case of many different but related activities coming together to play out for a singular goal. If a person wants to hit the ground running, then an actionable plan is needed. This will help stay the course in the midst of social network noise that tends to obscure their presence. With the right strategy and social network, people and businesses can begin to cut through the noise and develop higher quality connections to those that are seriously interested in the content they are producing, resulting in a deeper understanding of their connections, and producing better engagements through high-value content and discussions.

How do you solve social network noise and SPAM?

It is true that social networks have created and will continue to create a great deal of buzz. However, to make social networks a more effective tool for users and businesses, social networks need to become more intelligent. An example of an intelligent social network would be a multidimensional social intelligence network upon which like-minded users can easily find each other, so they may unite, share, consume and discover high-quality and personally relevant content without getting lost in the noise of the internet and social media. Until that kind of network is launched, social network noise and SPAM will continue to be the norm.

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