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Social Networks Feel Overwhelming?

Social networking is a great tool for sharing thoughts, keeping in touch with family members, catching up with old acquaintances and following interesting people or celebrities. However, you may often feel overwhelmed by the constant noise and SPAM that is distributed through social networking, making the overall experience non-satisfying and disconnected.

Social networks often become a daily or even hourly chore with which to keep track of and you often have several social network profiles and passwords (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on) and the feeling that you need to immediately respond to mentions, comments or even keep track of what is trending, all the while trying to say something that sounds interesting or engaging.

You can easily become overwhelmed with social networks because everyone else is automating their online presence and you’ll soon start to believe that you should do same or you will be left behind as social network road kill. Just because everyone else is automating their online presence, does that mean you should too?

The following are just a few questions you should ask yourself are. What’s the ultimate goal of my being on social media? Do I want to build my own brand and stand out from the crowd? Do I want to find like-minded people? Am I looking for content and connections that promote my goal and desire for more intelligent interactions? Am I looking to feel more connected rather than disconnected? These are just some of the questions you should be thinking about, so that you can figure out what each social network truly does for you and start to disconnect from those that don’t support your social connectivity goals.

Keeping current on social networks often feels like a full-time job. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with all of your social network interactions, you’re not alone. There are millions of people just like you. Here are some suggestions that can help you reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed:

  • Define your social network goals

  • Stick with just two social networks (optimal way to focus your connectivity growth)

  • Define a specific time each day to share and respond to posts

  • Remove connections that don’t fit your goals

  • Connect only with content and brands that support your goals

  • Look for ways to develop deeper connections with like-minded people

  • Connect, discover and distribute engaging content, so people respond accordingly

Although social networks often have a downside of leaving you feeling overwhelmed, they do have fantastic benefits too! With them, you can connect, locate, rediscover and enjoy friends and topics regardless of geographical location. There is a place for everyone on a social network--you just need to find that perfect place the best fits your goals.

Just remember, with some effort you can easily develop a network of like-minded people for sharing your ideas and content. When doing so always remember social networks should support your goals, not vice versa.

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