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Your Brain on Images…Part 2

Last week, we looked broadly at why “images are worth a thousand words,” and now we’ll take a deeper dive specifically at Pinterest. Here’s a look at its pros and cons to further evaluate its merits and effectiveness.

Pros of Pinterest

Ideal social media platform for Female-dominated brands

  • Are you running a cosmetic brand? Or perhaps a fashion boutique for women?

  • Since the majority of Pinterest users are women, it is the most ideal platform to engage women in promotion and advertising activities of your brand.

A creative way to drive traffic towards your website

  • If your aim is to increase the flow of traffic to your blog or your website, creating entertaining and engaging imagery pins can help you a lot in the long run.

  • If your images are attractive, your audience will view them, and they might even be influenced to follow your post to its actual online destination.

Market your brand with engaging – yet authentic - visuals

  • Develop an understanding of the kind of images that best complement the character of your brand. They must be entertaining and engaging while at the same time, the images must be a seamless part of your brand’s story. Here are some examples of winning campaigns.

Create boards to portray the various faces of your brand

  • Pinterest allows you to create as many boards and pin categories as you want. If you make a board for all your services or products, your audience can select the product or board they are most interested in, and receive updates directly in their feeds.

  • While most people follow all the pins of a Pinterest user, giving them variety will make the experience more engaging and preferable for your audience.

Cons of Pinterest Marketing

Is your target audience mostly male?

  • Statistics reveal that females are the primary users of Pinterest. If your services or products cater to men, you will probably end up wasting time and resources, without making any real gains or ROIs.

Is your business financial, technical or medical?

  • Pinterest mainly revolves around topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cooking recipes, home décor, etc.

  • Unless your brand deals in any of the above mentioned areas, you probably can’t make any real marketing gains from Pinterest because it does not cater to your target audience.

Your brand cannot be associated with striking imagery.

  • In this age of modern marketing, all businesses are advised to concentrate on making their visuals and imagery more exciting and entertaining.

  • However, certain brands and services do not require visual imagery to communicate a strong message to their target audience. Also, in some cases the entrepreneurs do not feel that their brand can build an effective image with visuals. In that case, Pinterest will really be of no use to your brand.​

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