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Tips for Boosting Your Intelligence

Part Two of Two

Our brains don’t stop growing and developing the day we graduate from high school or college. Far from it! The human brain is continuing to develop throughout our lives and scientists and doctors agree that you need to feed it in order for it to flourish. Here are a few ways to “feed your brain”:

Do a puzzle. Jigsaw, crossword, logic problems – it doesn’t seem to matter which kind. Your brain loves it! Tackle a jigsaw puzzle a few nights a week instead of watching television. Or sit down and do a crossword puzzle with your partner. You may just see that you are not only spending more quality time with loved ones, but you are feeding your brain.

Read a book. “Scientific studies have confirmed that reading and intelligence have a relationship so close as to be symbiotic,” said science journalist Dan Hurley who spent three years studying the topic and wrote a best-selling book called “Smarter: The New Science of Building Brainpower.” In it, he claims that reading impacts all three types of intelligence: crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence and emotional intelligence. So turn off the TV, step away from the social media and pick up a book!

Take a class. Not only can continuing your education lead you to a better job and more money in your pocket, but by making it a point to learn throughout your life you can actually boost your brain development. Since brain development in adults is mostly shaped by outside stimuli, we need to constantly be learning in order to develop new pathways in our brain. So sign up for a class, take advantage of the thousands of free webinars online or see if your local or community college has a lecture series.

Exercise. Dr. Aaron E. Carroll wrote in the New York Times earlier this year that exercise was a wonder drug. Further, the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges reported that exercise is a “miracle cure.” Need we say more?

Hydrate. We all take water for granted, but dehydration can actually have devastating effects on your body as well as your brain. In addition to physical ailments like muscle cramps, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing, not having enough fluids can cause exhaustion, irritability and confusion, proving that you are definitely not performing your best when you are dehydrated.

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