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What’s Missing from Social Networks?

Many of us use social networks in our daily lives. But isn’t it starting to feel cluttered with junk? It seems like Facebook is the new “chain letter” and Twitter has become a hotbed of snark. While that content can be fun (no one loves snark more than me), how much value is it adding to our lives? It’s very simple to make a statement why your opposed to something - “that sucks” “you’re an idiot!” “you troll!”, etc. But how does that interaction really move the needle in terms of making you better, smarter or more compassionate? It may make you feel better for a few minutes, but how are you contributing to the conversation. Or are you?

Look at one of your social media feeds right now. Doesn’t matter which one – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Take 10 minutes and scroll through your content. Now sit back and think: what did I gain from that experience? What did I learn? Did I experience something beautiful or read something profound? Did I share something of value? Probably not.

Now, we’re not saying you didn’t learnANYthing (I mean I did just learn how to escape from zip ties using my shoe laces…. Thanks Tip Hero! Let’s hope I never have to use that handy tip…). But is that all we want from our social media? Think about the possibility and the potential that is lost in today’s web (pun intended) of shared memes and GIFS. Are we ok with just using social media for these things? To be sure, there is a place for silly stuff. There has to be or we would all go insane. But isn’t there a larger opportunity to share and consume content that is worthy of our time and attention?

Our answer is yes (cue promotional plug). Our mission here at VISVA is to create a network where the power of self-discovery, expression and intelligence can flourish and where the undiscovered can be discovered. We want to be adding and sharing content that is relevant to YOU as an individual. We want VISVA’s content to:

  • help shape your point of view

  • teach you something

  • introduce you to new things (art, music, books, video, articles, ideas, etc.)

  • be a platform to showcase your thoughts and creativity

So if you’re all for changing the way social media works, we want to work with you. Either as a creator or as a user. Let’s work TOGETHER to make the virtual world a better place!

Get on the VISVA Beta @

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