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What if Every Day Could be Amazon Prime Day?

If you’re like me, you were cuddled up on the couch, new Kindle Fire 8 in hand, asked your new Echo to order you more Advil. This is what an Amazon Prime Day hangover looks like. I hope you stayed hydrated!

For a “holiday” that didn’t exist four years ago, Prime Day took the planet (yes, the planet) by storm last week. Sales have been bonkers – setting records and surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to CNBC, last year, “Prime Day also was Amazon's biggest sales day ever at the time, setting the bar high this go-round. In 2016, Prime Day sales rose more than 60 percent from the prior year, and in the U.S. orders were up more than 50 percent, Amazon said.”

If you think about it, it’s brilliant. Amazon took what is traditionally a dead-time of year for retailers and turned it into a money-printing faux holiday. It was heavily covered by the media and promoted on nearly every digital outlet imaginable. It was like Cyber Monday on speed. But let’s not pretend it was all altruistic. Not only did online retailers see the bump, but Amazon got itself a whole new helping of new Prime Members.

But what if every day was Amazon Prime Day? What if you didn’t have to spend all day frantically refreshing the Amazon page to see if there is something (ANYTHING) on sale that may pique your interest. What if, every day, the internet delivered to you what you truly wanted? Just based on your normal, everyday interests and what you click on. For the best price possible. We’re not talking about delivering you things you’ve already looked at (how many times does that pair of shoes – that you’re already researched and actually bought keep showing up in ads delivered to you?). This is different. This is VISVA, taking what you’re interested in and showing you other things that interest you. It’s like a trusted friend, suggesting to another friend that they may like something.

That’s what we’re aiming to do. Keep watching this space! Exciting things to come!

Also, register for the VISVA Beta @

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